How to Back Up Your Bookmarks on Mozilla Firefox

If you have Mozilla Firefox, and have a lot of bookmarks (favorites), then you might want to read this article to know how to back them up.

1. Open up your bookmarks and go to “Organize Bookmarks”.

    Open bookmarks

    2. Select all your bookmarks.

    Select all your bookmarks

    3. Select “export” in the file menu.


    4. Select your save location and file name

    Installing Bookmarks

    1. Go to the Bookmarks tab, then “Organize Bookmarks”.

    2. Go to the File tab, then “Import”.


      3. Select “From File”.

      Select From File

      4. Select the Bookmarks file.


      5. Select “Open”.

      Select Open


      ~ oleh fensliq pada 19 April, 2008.

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